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Updated Sep 14, 2021 | 06:36 IST
5 financial planning tips for couples: Do's & Don'ts
5 financial planning tips for couples: Do's & Don'ts   |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

Prudent financial planning ensures that money is the last thing that leads to friction among couples. Being transparent and setting common goals for a couple are important as matrimony is about the merger of two ways of life, situations and salaries, in case both spouses are working. After marriage, there is a lot of adjusting towards common ground be it lifestyle, parenting, and of course money.,tennis rules

ipl cricket betting online,Create a budget

Whether you’re single, soon-to-be-married or already swallowed the red pill to be in the married Matrix, setting a monthly budget is one of the essentials for your financial life. It becomes even more important for married couples as both the partners can clearly define the income you and your spouse are likely to receive and how you are going to use it. Couples can start by chalking out a budget for every month and stick to it using free apps to track success with same. Budgets can be made for small-term (monthly), medium-term (for discretionary spending such as holidays big-ticket purchases, and long-tern (for children’s marriage, college or buying a house).,french league live scores

ipl match run rate today,Net income & mandatory expenses

After setting financial goals, take an account of your monthly income as a couple. This will help you in allocating money towards common financial commitments or for meeting short-term, medium and long-term goals. This will also help you decide the amount of money left for savings after considering rent, tax, debt, student or home loan, credit card bills, insurance, monthly expenses etc.,chicago cubs

Couples also need to divide responsibilities with respect to mandatory spending. There are umpteen bills to be paid such as utilities, groceries, children’s education, house loan etc — these can be divided if both spouses earn a regular salary.,twin spin free

Savings,free slot machines with free spins

livescoer,After accounting for monthly expenses, account for what you need to save for financial goals. Some financial planners advice to cough up this amount before accounting for mandatory spending. However, this can be decided mutually by the couple based on their financial situation. For example, savings become even more important in case there is no inheritance.

Keep accounts separate ,football court measurement

Keeping accounts separate is efficient from tax point of view. Your spouse can be a joint account holder in your bank account other than investment as well. However, in initial years, a joint account may be avoided as it provides a sense of financial independence.,chicago cubs

Health insurance & emergency fund,tennis news uk

free goldfish slot game,Covid-19 pandemic was a rude reminder for many families that having an adequate health insurance policy is of utmost importance. In India, healthcare costs are the primary reason for families slipping below the poverty line. Cashless health insurance is a good way of dealing with any unforeseen health emergencies without causing a fatal damage to savings.  

An emergency fund of at least 3 months is essential to mitigate unexpected shocks such as job loss. Having three months worth of monthly expenses tucked safely in a bank account insulates against temporary financial crises. ,online betting apps cricket

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